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wordpress download

It is currently the largest system for managing and creating online content, or CMS (Content Management System).   

The reason for this success is the fact that the user does not need to have any knowledge in HTML or CSS programming to be able to build their website, blog, magazine, portfolio, or landing page.  

 To increase its credibility, it is also supported by practically all web hosting companies, which results in high performance, reliability, and speed. WordPress also offers a huge variety of tools to customize your page. The resources are so vast that they are almost limitless.   

But how exactly does it work? We will see in the next chapters.  

Creation possibilities in WordPress

Thanks to this website it is possible to create all types of online pages to meet your needs. So let’s list some of the possibilities.  

  • Blog – is probably the most well-known and used type of website on WordPress. It’s a model that appeals to the vast majority of people because it allows you to create a page on which you can convey your tastes, desires, and forms of expression. A blog can contain any type of content and is extremely useful for those who do Affiliate Marketing.   
  • Catalog – can be used for several things, if someone is looking for a job, or simply wants to showcase their work, this is an excellent way to do it.   
  • Institutional Website – all companies need an official website where they showcase their products, concepts, values, and history, with WordPress it is easy to do this, including several tools to connect directly with your customers.   
  • Online store – another possibility is to create a page dedicated exclusively to the sale of products, where you can place all the necessary tools so that your customers can find out about the product, answer their questions, make purchases, pay, and provide transport information.  

How to build a website on WordPress?

Choosing a domain.

Choosing a domain

Source: https://nevergiveupmedia.com/how-to-choose-a-domain-name/

Before dealing with the entire aesthetic part of your page, the first thing is the domain or URL, that is, the address by which your website will be found on the internet.   

There are some rules for this choice, first of all, it is important to remember that a good URL attracts people and offers credibility, so you must spend some time on this part. It should be short, simple, easy to decorate and write, and be directly related to your website.   

After choosing, it is worth checking if it is available for use, this part is extremely intuitive and easy to understand.   

Important tip: whenever possible, choose the option for your website to end in .com as it greatly increases your credibility.  

Choose a hosting plan

Choose a hosting plan

Source: https://www.shoutmeloud.com/best-wordpress-hosting

After you have created your domain you need to know where it will go. In other words, each website needs a place to be hosted and where all information will be stored.   

Numerous platforms offer this service, however you need to know which one to choose. The first to be analyzed is the costs, they are normally not very expensive at around 20 dollars per year, however, some platforms are much more expensive.   

It is also important to pay attention to simplicity of use. I use Hostinger, it offers a good price and works well, however, it is a complex platform to use and requires some slightly more technical knowledge. It has the advantage of extremely effective service, something that has helped me several times.  

The updated list of best hosting for WordPress for 2024: 

  • A2Hosting  
  • Bigrock 
  • Bluehost 
  • GoDaddy 
  • HostGator 
  • Hostinger 
  • Kinsta 
  • Nestify 
  • SiteGround  
  • WPEngine 
  • WPXHosting 


ssl security certificate

Source: https://internetbeans.com/what-is-ssl-certificate-and-how-it-works/

In terms of security, it is necessary to remember that it is through your website that customers will provide various personal information such as name, address, contact, and sometimes banking information.   

It is therefore extremely important to pay attention to this point and ensure that you have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Normally, the platform where you create your domain already comes with this certificate included, but it is always worth confirming it.   

In addition, some plug-ins help to reinforce security, but this is a topic that we will develop in the future.  


Over the next few days, we will talk a little more about creating a WordPress page, how to do it, tips, help, and much more. Are there any questions I can help you with? Comment below.   


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