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Today we will give some small tips on how to make a Landing Page more stimulating and convert the maximum number of customers possible, after all, that is the main objective.   

The first important thing is that there must be no links leaving the page, that is, do not place links to other pages or websites, refer to them, but do not place links. When you do this, what often happens is that people leave your page and never come back.   

Naturally, there should always be a link with a Call to Action for your offer, but there shouldn’t be more than that.   

Another fundamental aspect is your customers’ testimonials.   

Currently, the internet is full of offers, of people trying to sell their products and companies, so most people are confused by so much on offer and prefer to hear what other people like them are looking for a certain product. As such, any testimonials you have are extremely welcome as they will increase your credibility.   

In reality, the biggest driver for making sales is having already made sales. Confused? Normally, I’ll explain: people trust people who have sold something, because that way they assume that other customers trusted that seller. As such, any social proof you have is extremely important to show. Have you made X number of sales? Talk about it. Do you already have X number of customers? Talk about that too.   

Finally, another fundamental aspect is that your Landing Page is as responsive as possible. This means that it has to be visible both on the PC, on the Tablet, and of course, on the cell phone. Nowadays, people are increasingly diversifying the devices they use to access the internet, so if your page is not formatted to be visible on all these devices, you are guaranteed to lose many customers.  

Optimizing a Landing Page

Optimizing a Landing Page


One of the mistakes most people make is when they create a Landing Page, they leave everything at a standstill and don’t update it.   

This is a serious mistake because in Digital Marketing things are always changing and being updated, so the Landing Page must keep up with this. It is essential that as soon as you have published it, you immediately start analyzing the results to see how people are reacting, and if necessary, make the necessary updates.  

A/B Testing

A/B Testing


A/B testing is a way to evaluate the performance of a Landing Page and its changes. How it works is after making the visual changes you will analyze the results of the number of visitors, after a week you make a new change and see the results, wait a new week and change it again… and so on.   

The great advantage of this method is that it allows you to know in real-time which visual aspect people like most and which format converts the most.   

An extremely useful tool for this test is Google Optimize, use and abuse this site to get the results you need.  

More optimization tips...

Images are a fundamental point because they are the first thing people focus on, so choosing the wrong images is a serious mistake. Carefully choose images that directly relate to your content. Another important aspect is to always be careful with the rights to use images because if Google discovers that you are using one illegally, it can penalize you in SEO. We will talk more about this in the future on this blog.   

Work on the content of your page daily or weekly until you reach a result that is as profitable as possible, meaning that you have the best possible conversion rate.   

Make sure your Landing Page is formatted for all platforms. Yes, this has already been said, but it bears repeating because it is a mistake that I see happen dozens of times…   

Monitoring the bounce rate is another fundamental element, that is, seeing what percentage of visitors do not return and trying to understand why.  

Information Structure

Writing quality content is perhaps the most important element of your blog/landing page, but to do so it is essential to use a technique called “copywriting”.   

This technique consists of learning to write information in a way that focuses on conversions. In other words, the sense of urgency of your offer, the establishment of a connection between you and your readers, the specificity of your offer, CTA, and exclusivity, among other factors, are worked on.   

It is also important to avoid unnecessary and repeated information as much as possible as it will make reading tiring.

Call to Action

Call to Action


The Call to Action, or CTA, is the phrase, word, or expression that is written in the area that takes the customer directly to your offer.   

As such, this element is extremely important as it is what will bridge the gap between the reader and the product. In this sense, it must be super appealing, extremely simple, and captivating. No long sentences or complex expressions. Another fundamental thing is that the CTA remains the same on all its pages, with the same expression, color, and shape.  

Over the next few weeks, we will talk a little more about creating a Landing Page, how to do it, tips, help, recommended sites, and much more. Are there any questions I can help you with? Comment below.  


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