SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

After we have defined the main elements that influence the SEO of your blog, it is important to move on to something more specialized, that is, to other factors that are normally forgotten but which for Google are very important to value your blog.   


List of contents:   

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate)   
  • Bounce Rate   
  • Direct traffic   
  • Pogo Stocking   
  • Website Blocked   
  • Bookmarking   
  • Comments   
  • Avg. Session Duration  

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

SEO Analysis

One of the factors that Google takes into high consideration when evaluating the position in which a page should appear in the results list is the CTR. This parameter consists of the relationship between the number of impressions of an ad (that is, the number of people who see that ad) divided by the number of clicks (the number of people who click on that ad to see it). This value is transformed into a percentage to see what rate of people are interested in that content.   

This factor is very important because, on the one hand, it will indicate the number of people who are interested in that topic, thus influencing the value of the keywords used, but also the quality of the advertisement itself.   

The CTR result is also influenced by the position in which the ad appears in the organic search, to get a better idea of these values, it is calculated that on average the first result of a given search obtains a CTR rate of approximately 30% , the second result obtains 15%, then 10% and goes down successively until it reaches 1% or less.   

Therefore, as you can see, the CTR and the position in which your blog appears in a list are really important for the amount of sales you will be able to make.   

CTR is also very important for the ad owner, as this way they can experiment with different descriptions Calls to Action, images, or videos used, among other resources to improve their ad and thus get more views.   

A good way to obtain this information without spending a lot of money is through ads on social media as they are much cheaper than on Google.  

Bounce Rate

SEO Analysis

This rate consists of the relationship between the number of people who find your blog and those who then explore more links within it, such as viewing other posts.   

The importance that Google gives to this factor is debatable as there have been several times when they have officially said that they do not consider this factor when assigning SEO to a page. The reason for this is that having a high Bounce Rate does not necessarily have to do with the quality of the page. An example of this is in the case of a website dedicated to transmitting news, where the visitor will enter, obtain the specific information they want, and leave.   

However, several experts claim that these statements do not correspond to the truth and that Google uses this factor to evaluate the quality of a website.   

As we cannot know which version is the truest, the important thing is to have quality, appealing content that can convey valuable information to the reader that makes them want to explore a little more.  

Direct Traffic

SEO Analysis

This is a factor that is often forgotten and difficult to assess for the owner of a blog or website. It consists of the number of people who access your blog by directly writing the link in Internet Explorer.   

This element is important because it demonstrates two things, on the one hand, it demonstrates that it is a brand that is simple to memorize and that creates interest on the part of the reader, on the other hand, it reveals that this person saw the content of your blog and wanted to return.   

This is the moment when one of the instructions that had already been given about writing the name of your blog simply and directly becomes very important.   

This factor is very difficult to achieve in the first moments of creating a blog, but over time it is possible to achieve it.   

Furthermore, Google itself has already confirmed that it is something it seriously takes into account when ranking a page.  

Pogo Sticking

SEO Analysis

When we go to Google looking for information, or an answer to a certain question, we probably won’t find it on the first site we click on. When this happens, it’s normal to go back and click on another link in search of the desired answer.   

This is the definition of Pogo Sticking, that is, it is the percentage of people who access your page and feel that they did not find something and therefore go to another one. This is an extremely negative fact when it comes to the ranking of your website or blog, as it indicates to Google that the reader did not find the information they wanted on that page, and as such, it does not respond in the best way.   

Once again, the enormous need to create good content, good texts, and information that helps people is demonstrated.  

Website Blocked

Currently, this parameter is no longer important because Google Chrome no longer allows users to block websites, however, in the past the situation was different.   

There was an option so that a person could block a certain website, this prevented it from appearing in the results of a certain search, and advertisements for that website or links that led to it did not appear.   

When a website was blocked by someone, it took a lot of ranking off that website because it was the worst thing anyone could do to a website.  


We all have websites that we consult daily or that we consider as a reference on a certain subject. There are several ways to access them, either we write the respective link and consult its content, or we save it in favorites.   

This is the definition of Bookmarking, that is when someone saves your website so they can consult it in the future.   

It is one of the best things they can do for you as it increases your ranking immensely because Google considers that if this happens it is because the information that your blog contains is really useful and important.  


This is one of the best indicators to show a direct relationship between a blog and its readers. When a person comments on a blog or website it indicates that they are interested in its content and want to share something about it.   

Because of this, Google counts the number of comments a blog receives, its size, and quality and increases the site’s ranking based on this.   

It is also important to provide information that few people know, Google knows when it deletes comments and it doesn’t like it when it does so, so only delete it when you have to, or when it is spam.   

As previously mentioned, this is another reason why it is often said that it is important to encourage your readers to comment.  

Avg. Session Duration

SEO Analysis

What is a better indicator of content quality than the time a person spends reading it? It’s difficult to find anything better and that’s why this is a factor that Google has a strong weight on. The average time that users spend on your blog/site is something that is usually related to quality, Google knows this and calculates this time.   

Of course, there may be sites that, due to their specific content, do not comply with this rule, but in general, it is something that is directly related.   

Did you already know all these factors? Which ones are most important to you? Comment below.   


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