Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

From the moment the Internet became public and freely accessible anywhere, there was a need to use it to find answers to our questions. Although several search engines have emerged, the one that dominates the market is Google. This dominance is so great that it is estimated that almost 90% of searches made on the Internet are through Google, which means that an average of 5,988,816,982 searches are made per day, or 87,918 per second!   

Faced with this situation, the question arises of how Google chooses which results, websites, and blogs to show someone at the time a certain question is asked.   

The answer to this lies in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), that is, it is the algorithm that organizes the importance and credibility of information. This function is divided into two categories: the first is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the other is Search Engine Advertising (SEA).   

In the future, we will delve deeper into the function of each of them, but the main difference is that the first serves to apply techniques, both inside and outside a given website, to optimize its visibility in the list of organic results. The second is the set of ad results from a company, brand, or affiliate marketer, that Google considers to be relevant to a given search.   

Given this reality, the best thing for any affiliate, or blog owner, is without a doubt to use this system to bring together those looking for a certain product with the person who sells it.   

This situation is becoming more and more demanding with each passing day, as users want faster and faster results and waste less and less time searching for a specific answer in search engines.  

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Marketing


Google is currently full of hundreds of thousands of pages dedicated to promoting products and services. It is important to understand that this is one of Google’s main sources of funding, as such, they have every interest in offering the best services related to ads.   

Although it is always good to have the possibility of paying to have our ads in a more prominent position, this alone is not enough. Measures must be taken by sellers so that their ad gains even more prominence compared to the competition.   

It is also important to be aware that even if your ad appears first in a certain search, this is not a guarantee that you will have conversions. It needs to be informative, coherent, responsible, and credible so that people have the confidence to buy something from that brand.   

To achieve good results, you need to have some idea of how the Google search engine and its SEM algorithm work.  

How does the search engine work?

Before explaining, it is necessary to remember that Google is only the market leader because it can offer the best service in terms of results for a given search. To do this, they have teams dedicated exclusively to analyzing and understanding all the content on a given page.   

As the number of new sites is too large, the analysis algorithm was created. It works through a “semantic map”, that is, it analyzes each word, expression, and keyword found within a website and relates it to the search terms. It is important to note that this analysis also covers the descriptions of the images, the resolution (to know if it is of good quality), and the origin to find out if there is plagiarism or the use of images that have copyright.   

This analysis is mainly focused on certain keywords and expressions as they are the ones that will define the theme of the text itself. The title, subtitles, indexes, tags, and all written content of the page are also analyzed.   

In the next phase, the algorithm analyzes the quality of the content. To do this, it uses two systems, the first and simplest is the analysis of the quality of writing through the search for spelling errors and sentence construction. The second is more complex as it consists of evaluating and comparing the information offered between a given page and others that cover the same topic.   

The time a reader spends on a given page is also calculated, that is, if someone does a search and enters a website, if they leave after a few seconds then the algorithm assumes that the website is not of high quality, or does not offer the answers to that research.   

Finally, the links that lead to other sites are analyzed. This serves to see if there is coherence in the topics covered and if the links used refer to pages that are well-rated.  

Importance of the search engine

Search Engine Marketing


After all this information, it became clear how important this topic is for any company, brand, or person doing Affiliate Marketing. The message is simple, the better your content and the better ranking you have in SEO, the more results you will have, the more customers you will have, and consequently the more money you will make.   

It is essential to have a strong online presence and a blog, or website, that is informative, correct, and useful to readers.   


Today the post was a little more theoretical and heavy in writing, but this introduction was very important so that we could move forward and have more information to help us.   

In the next post, we will talk specifically about Google, the different types of results it offers, and how they are organized.   

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