In the field of Affiliate Marketing visual communication is a key element for the success of the business.   

This reality can become a problem when a person who is starting a business and does not feel that they have a particular talent for the artistic field and feels they do not have the ability to create a logo and therefore resorts to spending money so that Someone makes him one. 



The first thing that must be defined is the brand identity. And what does this mean? You must first define what type of business you will dedicate yourself to, what type of products, whether it is exclusively online, what type of target audience and what are the unique characteristics of your business.  

This structural analysis of the business is fundamental because it will define what type of Logo is most appropriate. 



Researching and studying what the competition is doing is extremely important as it provides valuable ideas on the subject.  

As is already well known, for a business to be successful it is not essential to create something radically new, sometimes a small update or change is enough to stand out. In the case of a logo, it’s exactly the same thing, whatever the field of business in which you want to specialize there are certainly a hundred other companies that are, or have been, your competitors. 

Given this, it is important to do research to find out what visual expressions these companies are using. 



The next factor to be defined is the type of message the logo intends to convey.  

This is crucial not only for the exposure of the products that will be promoted but also for the relationship that is intended to be created with customers. It is important to define what type of moral and commercial values the brand intends to convey and how it will organize its business.  

Questions such as the market sector, but also whether they are products for fast or slow consumption, whether they are things dedicated to everyday elements, or whether they are more superfluous things. 



Perhaps the most difficult part and the one that creates the most fear in people…  

The composition of a logo should be simple and easy to recognize. 

To look for inspiration, there are fortunately several free tools available on the internet. One of the simplest is to go to visual bookstores (Google Images, Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay) and search for words like “Logo”, “Logoed”, “Logospire” or “Logo Design”. Another suggestion is to use social media and search for hashtags such as #logo, #logodesigner, #logodesign, #logotipo, among others. 



Equally or more important than the shape of the logo is the color.  

This element is so important that it can directly influence the number of sales you obtain.  

The logo must have a maximum of 3 colors, one of which must be the predominant one. 

It can be very useful to go online to consult some information about the psychology of colors and the sensations they convey, this will give your logo more professionalism and will be an element that will help you attract new customers and contacts.    



A logo is one of the most important elements to promote a business, a brand, a company, or an Affiliate marketer that wants to promote the best products. It is through the logo that customers identify the merchant with a simple symbol, therefore having a strong professionalism factor.  

In my case, creating the logo helped me a lot to create the brand image of my blog, to create my identity as an Affiliate Marketer. 

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