Landing Pages: An Introduction

Landing Pages: An Introduction

Whatever type of business you have within digital marketing there is a common element that you are guaranteed to work with every day: the platform with which you receive users who could be transformed into customers.

Now in this field of “platforms” it is necessary to be aware of a very important distinction that most people are unaware of, which is that there are two types of platforms, those that are our property and those that are not.  

A very clear example of this is the idea that many people have that “I have an Instagram page with X followers”, this phrase is false as the page does not belong to us. It is owned by the company Meta, which has several platforms such as Facebook, Threads, and Instagram, among others, and on which your profile page is located.  

But how important is this? It’s just that if for some reason you don’t comply with Meta’s rules, or simply publish something they don’t like, it’s enough for them to block your profile and lose access to all your followers/contacts.  

If you think about the time and money you’ve probably already spent on building that profile, then the situation can become truly tragic.  

But there is another disadvantage, as we all know, social platforms change, and fashions and trends change too, which means that if Hi5 (for those in their 30s) was once the place where everyone had to be, then it was devastated by the appearance of Facebook….and that in turn its presence is already being threatened by Instagram.  

This means that people vary in the way they communicate online, so the connection with your products is also at risk if you are dependent on a social platform.  

Given this, the solution could be to try to be on all platforms simultaneously, right?  

Not really…  

The most effective solution is to own your platform, this is the only way to avoid both problems mentioned.  

To achieve this there is only one effective way and that is to create a Landing Page.  

In addition to security, are there other advantages?  

Yes, many more, the first is that you will be working for something that is yours and yours alone, it is something that only you control, it is a place where you can have all the information you consider important, and you can create a page to capture contacts and information about your customers, among many other advantages.  

And are there any disadvantages? It depends, in other words, it takes some work to build a Landing Page, but it is also something that will be improved over time, so I don’t consider it a serious disadvantage. 


What is a Landing Page? 

Many people assume that it is a presentation page for their own business where various links are available that direct them to the various products and specific information about the business and the creator. This is actually a Homepage.  

A Landing Page is something more specific and has the fundamental objective of leading a visitor to become a Lead and subsequently a customer.  

It is important not to forget that there is no point in spending a lot of money on very well-made advertisements and creating traffic if all of this is then forwarded to a terrible Landing Page that makes people turn it off in a few seconds. It’s literally money thrown in the trash. 


What is the purpose of a Landing Page? 

The primary objective is to sell a specific product. It must be designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, it must answer potential customers’ questions without having too much text or too much information. To be objective, direct, and visually attractive.  

Another equally important objective is capturing Leads, something that will then be associated with an email list through which you will send information to convert them into potential customers. In this sense, the Landing Page must offer a form where the person feels seduced into entering their information to receive something in return.  


Over the next few weeks, we will talk a little more about creating a Landing Page, how to do it, tips, help, recommended sites, and much more. Are there any questions I can help you with? Comment below. 


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