Digital Marketing Categories

Digital Marketing Categories

Currently, the way to advertise a product on the internet is divided into different categories. Let’s see what they are, how they are characterized, and their main characteristics.  


Content Marketing  

As the name suggests, this type of marketing works through the creation of digital content. This content can be through posts on social media announcing a new product, explaining to customers the characteristics of a particular product, answering questions, advertising campaigns, or partnerships…   

This is perhaps the way that is currently most used by sellers to reach a wider audience. The greater the creation of digital content, the greater the visibility that the respective page will have, and, as a result, more people will come into contact with the company and its products.   

It also has the huge advantage of being a free method as it depends only on the quantity and quality of publications that are made.  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

Following the logic of the previous method, this chapter is dedicated to optimizing the page so that it appears first in Google results. Currently, this site is the largest search engine in the world, which means that it is where the vast majority of people go when they want to look for something. If you want to sell something, it must appear prominent among the thousands of other competitors.   

In this sense, this method uses different ways to get your website to appear in the first place.  


Search Engine Advertising (SEA)  

Unlike the previous method, which is normally done free of charge, in this case, it involves paying Google, or another search engine, so that your ad appears first. In other words, this means that in this way you are not dependent on the creation of a website, or the publication of regular content, but rather on the money that is available to invest in digital advertising.  


Digital Display Advertising  

Very similar to the previous one but with the difference of being completely focused on visual ads. This means that we are talking about the ads that appear on Facebook with those very eye-catching images, gifs, and videos, or the side ads that are present on many websites and blogs.   

Like the previous method, this one is very dependent on the budget each person has.  


Social Media Marketing  

This is the category that specializes in connecting with customers through social media. In recent years, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, TikTik, and many others have seen an exponential increase in the number of users. This means that they are platforms that also have an increase in the number of possible customers.   

To add to the advantages of this method, there is also a huge variety of forms of communication that exist between the seller and the customer, that is, from private messages, which are the most direct form, to Stories, group publications, Reels, and many others. 


Email Marketing  

Most likely the method most used by those in the Affiliate Marketing field. It consists of capturing contacts, or Leads, through free means (such as creating a blog with a Catch-Up Page) or paid means (as is the case with Solo Ads) which are then saved in a contact list. From this list, emails are sent regularly to publicize a specific product.   

Although this method may initially be a little expensive to create the list, it has great advantages such as the possibility of direct relationships with customers, it allows you to organize your contact list in the best possible way and offer exclusive promotions and discounts.  


Mobile Marketing  

The cell phone is currently the most used electrical device in the world, as such, it would be logical for methods to emerge that specialize in disseminating advertisements specifically using the cell phone.   

From ads created to be seen specifically in this format, to texts, phrases, Stories, and many other forms, this has been one of the methods that has grown the most over the last few years.  


Web Analytics  

It is probably the most complex method as it encompasses all the others mentioned.   

It consists of the constant analysis of information, insights, data, and statistics relating to the behavior that people have when interacting with advertisements. At a later stage, all this data is processed and a marketing strategy for a specific product is created using this information.   


Considering the enormous competitiveness of the digital world today, the strategy that most Affiliate Marketers end up using is a combination of several of the methods mentioned.   

Do you know any other Digital Marketing method? Did you already know them all? Which of these do you use? Comment below. 



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