Day 4 – 2023.12.06 – Redesign the old blog.

After having a very productive day and having rested well, I started with a huge desire to write posts for my blog. However, I faced a very specific problem… I didn’t know what techniques I should use in writing, nor what to write about.


To correct this I went to see the second part of the blogging conference held by John Thornhill and Randy Smith’s. After spending almost two hours listening carefully to both the presentation and the questions raised by the audience, I finally had a solid set of indications, tips and advice that I could use on my blog.


Faced with this, I came across a problem: my entire blog was designed to promote products related to weight loss, in other words, it had to be completely redone!


Of course there were several elements that were used and of course some elements of the layout could also be reused, however, all old publications had to be eliminated and the images and texts updated.


So this work began!


Fortunately, it’s one of the things I enjoy doing most and as such it gave me a lot of pleasure to look for new images, new texts, write sentences and redesign the look of the blog.

Healthy Icaro Blog by Ricardo D'almeida


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