Day 3 – 2023.12.05 – Online again!

Today when I started working the first thing I realized was that I had made a mistake last night! Now, when importing my contact list into AWeber, I didn’t realize it and put them in the wrong list.

As the most urgent thing was to start sending emails, my priority became putting these contacts on the right list. So I did a little investigation, solved the problem and the first emails were sent.

All the part of putting together the emails was already done, the blog was already minimally structured (there were still some things missing that will have to be corrected over the next few days), so I was at the moment where I needed to learn about how and what write on the blog.

The Ambassador Program offered enormous help in this aspect, for starters it offered access to a book dedicated to the topic. I downloaded the book, started reading and taking some notes.

Furthermore, I attended John Thornhill and Randy Smith’s first conference on blogging. They taught about the importance of the blog, periodic publications, how to write, what to write, how to increase traffic, where to share… it was a moment of enormous learning and for which I publicly thank them both for the lessons they shared.

Shortly afterwards I received the information that my contract had been sent to me, I immediately went to see it, open it and sign it. Another stage completed!

Before the day ended, there was only one more thing I wanted to do: reactivate my blog. At the beginning of the year, I had purchased a domain called “HealthyIcaro” on Hostinger and had made some publications. However, this blog was completely stopped and I wanted to use it to make my publications.

The Blog, in addition to being deactivated, had a serious SSL problem that prevented it from being placed online. I spoke again with a Hostinger assistant who took some time to help me…but the problem was really serious and he was unable to resolve it. My concern increased….it was necessary to contact a specialist….after 2 hours of continuous work it was finally possible to put the website back online!

It was a huge worry that left me and it was a small achievement that made me end the day with a feeling of personal satisfaction.

Healthy Icaro Blog by Ricardo D'almeida


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