Day 06 and 07 – 2023.12.08/09 – Repeat to Infinity

In the morning I woke up very early worried about emails, I turned on the computer and saw that I had a response from Kev Spence (who works with John). He asked me for some information, we talked and after half an hour he sent me a video with the solution… 

So the problem was this: as I had directly imported my list this meant that the contacts had not signed up via John’s page, that is, they did not have all the information incorporated into the contact details. In other words, I had to manually complete the missing information in each….one….of them! 

First of all, a huge thank you to Kev for the help he provided, which was extremely useful. 

And so began the time-consuming work of opening a contact, putting in all the correct corrections, saving, opening the second and so on…. 

Normally I have made a post dedicated to each day, however, in this case I chose to make this post dedicated to the 8th and 9th of December because the only thing I did was complete the information for all 980 contacts…. 

It was extremely time-consuming and tiring work, but I couldn’t stop doing it because I had invested a lot of money in this list of contacts and I couldn’t simply lose them. 

We arrived at 8pm on the 9th and finally had all the contacts corrected and working perfectly! 

I also took advantage of the moment to delete 10 contacts who were not receiving any of my emails. 

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