Day 05 – 2023.12.07 – The Email Bug!

After already having a solid idea of what I was going to write, and how to write it, I decided to start composing my first post. 

I started by writing my story, my experiences and my journey in the world of Affiliate marketing until I arrived here. I gave a brief description of the various methods I discovered over the last year, the attempts I made, the mistakes I made and the results I obtained. 

Maybe in the future I will do a more detailed post dedicated to some of these methods… 

After that description I decided that I would start by writing a diary of everything I was doing related to John Thornhill’s program. 

The reason for this is that this way anyone can get a real sense of the time, the difficulties, and the help I have received in this program. They can monitor whether it really works or not and can get a detailed idea of whether the program is something they can identify with. 

Unfortunately something happened…. 

One of the things John says regularly is to “always test everything” and one of the best ways is to sign up with your personal email to receive the emails we are sending to your contacts. Now, when I opened one of these emails and clicked on the link, I realized that IT WAS NOT WORKING!! 

I was extremely worried, I went to see one of the other links and they didn’t work either! 

Fortunately, John has a 24/7 customer service and I immediately sent a message asking for help in resolving the situation. I sent it at the end of the night and waited for a response…. 

After calming down, after all I was sending emails to my list and had just discovered that probably no one was receiving the links correctly, I continued with the reorganization of the blog. 

I made a few more changes in terms of layout, updated the color composition and went to rest worrying about the email bug… 

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