Day 02 – 2023.12.04 – The rescue…

Second day of work, I had already got a fairly complete idea of the program’s structure, now it was time to move on to action.

I started by seeing, and doing, the entire initial part, which consisted of creating an account on ClickBank (I had already had it for many months) and AWeber. After signing up on the second site, I transitioned the contacts I had on GetResponse and managed to do everything the first time without any problems. I took advantage and immediately closed accounts with GetResponse and Guilderall as they would be unnecessary and would be additional costs.

As I was interested in starting to send emails as quickly as possible, I set up emails for 365 days. But at that moment I remembered how much work it would take to copy the texts, place them on the website one by one, then format each one, then assign the correct time for each one to be sent… they would be sent. work days!

When I opened the link to the document that John had sent me I saw that there was a list of around 50 codes. After seeing how and where he placed the codes, when he placed the first one……not only did he have enough emails for a week, but all the formatting work was already done!!! I spent almost 1 minute just looking at the computer and thinking about the hundreds of hours of work that it had saved me….I can only say one thing: John, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!

However, there was a problem….when I thought everything was ready and went to try to send a test email (I advise everyone, always test everything before sending it to anyone) I saw that my professional email was not working. work…

I went to the Hostinger website, where I have my email hosted, and tried to see what was going on. After some investigation I realized that there was a problem related to DNS. I don’t know anything about computing or code, so I had to ask for help. I contacted one of the site’s representatives, explained the situation and after speaking with him for 40 minutes giving me instructions, we managed to resolve the problem! I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Hostinger workers for the excellent service they provide.

To end the day there was only one thing left… I received information from the Ambassador Program that I had to sign a contract so that I could receive payment for the sales I made. I sent the contract request and left work for the day.

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