Day 01 – 2023.12.03 – The beginning

And it all started on December 3, 2023…..that day I received an email from John Thornhill where he spoke on a program called “Ambassador Program”. When I opened the link I was taken to a very well-made video which explained the structure of the program, its components, the promotional material it offered, guides and objectives.

I carefully read all the information he presented and saw how well it related not only to what I had already done, but also to my long-term goals.

After reflecting during the day I chose to move forward!

I made the purchase, signed up and had access to the program. I spent the next few moments watching the introduction video, that is, the first Webinar, and I was very interested in the information it gave. One thing I did, and that I recommend anyone to do, is to have a notebook and a pen to take notes.

This act of manually writing down the information we are receiving is extremely important and although it is currently undervalued, it is something that I recommend to everyone. The great advantage of taking notes by hand, as opposed to writing on a computer, is that it gives the brain more time to process and store the information because it forces it to analyze the information that is being captured by the ears in order to transform/summarize it. and then transmit by hand how to write it on paper.

Continuing…in the next two hours I saw all the steps of the Ambassador Program course, I saw the content and the way it was structured. This allowed me to mentally organize the time it would take to complete the entire course.

However, there was one piece of information that caught my attention…is that one of the possibilities it offered was to acquire a set of emails that would be sent for 365 days!!! And that was something I couldn’t resist. In the past, one of the things that lost me the most time (and money…) were precisely the emails I had to write to send to my contact list. Now having the possibility of having the emails ready and created by someone who knows much more than me was a fantastic opportunity that I immediately decided to take advantage of.

When collecting all these emails, and after seeing that his program used the AWeber website as a way to send emails to contacts, I came across a small problem: all my contacts were on GetResponse!

I immediately went to investigate how I could transfer from one site to another, after all I couldn’t afford to lose 1000 contacts and consequently all the money I had invested. I did the research and quickly discovered how I could do it.

And at that moment I went to rest with the feeling that a great journey was just beginning…

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