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about me

Who I am, my story and motivations

Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo D’Almeida, creator of the Healthy Icaro page and I would like to share my story.

I grew up in a small town with a regular way of life, my parents work hard so that everyone can have a good life. Since I was very little, I have always been fascinated by ancient objects and this led to the development of a great passion for history and the memories and experiences of people who were there before us.

When I went to college, the country was having money problems. The government went bankrupt twice in five years, and this made things hard for everyone. My family’s finances got worse, and we had to worry about how we would pay our bills.

After I graduated from college, I got a job, but the economy was still bad. My family’s financial situation kept getting worse, and we had to start looking for other ways to make money. At that time I decided to try to find some additional work, something that would only take up two or three hours a day. I managed it and it gave some help but it was still far from being enough.

I was always passionate about history, and I won awards for my research. I was also invited to speak about history at different events. But I wasn’t making enough money to support my family.

We were really struggling, and I was worried about what would happen to us. But I never gave up on my love of history. I kept working hard, and I hoped that one day, my work would pay off and I would be able to provide a good life for me and my family.

As we faced financial troubles, my girlfriend stood by me as a source of encouragement and support. We looked into ways to make money online. The first idea was to mine cryptocurrency. After doing research and getting some ideas, I was about to buy equipment when the Bitcoin crash happened. My dream was shattered, and I had to give up on that plan.

I then tried to make money by creating content online. I made YouTube videos, wrote blog articles, installed a lot of programs to make money, and even created PDFs with product links. A year went by, and I didn’t make any money from any of these efforts.

I didn’t give up, and I started trying to make money through affiliate marketing. I created a sales page for a weight loss product and paid for Google ads. At first, I made a small amount of money – 200 dollars – which gave me some hope. But when I tried again, I failed and even lost money. I still had some enthusiasm for having managed to make 3 sales on the first day I placed an ad on Google Ads. Despite the second failed attempt, I wanted to take the risk and make a third ad…..and at that moment I received an email saying that my account had been closed!

I contacted Google in every way I could, I spoke to several company representatives but I was unable to do anything to change the decision.

At that moment I had to rethink my strategy, clearly the concept of trying different methods was failing and although the ads on Google Ads had given some results I didn’t have enough money to keep trying and risk failing.

At that moment I again dedicated some time to research and when I discovered Solo Ads and the possibility of creating a fixed contact list and then being able to do Email Marketing, it was much more interesting. It’s true that I had to make some financial investment, but I was building a list that was really mine and I could expand it over time.

For a week I spent every day working on building an Opt-In Page (yes I will explain all these terms over the next few days), a sequence of emails to promote a certain product and all the technical parts that are necessary for everything to work. Over the next 3 months I invested some money and managed to build a list of approximately 1000 contacts. I promoted 3 different products and managed to make 600 euros.

Things were finally turning around, I was finally achieving some positive results and some stability. But I still felt like there was something more missing, that I needed to learn more…..

It was at that moment that I came across John Thornhill and the possibility of joining the Ambassador Program he offered.

It is thanks to that step, that discovery and that decision that I am here. I completely redid this page and I’m going to share everything I’m doing here every day. I will share the difficulties, the work, the results, the help, the discoveries I am making. I will try to be as detailed as possible so that you can have all the information about this process.

I will also share some information that I have acquired, such as good programs that I use, plug-ins, software reviews and above all, lots of tips for anyone wanting to embark on this path.

I hope you like it and that I can help someone with this share!