100 Best Plugins for WordPress in 2024!

100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024

I created this list of the 100 best plugins for WordPress. To make it easier for you to find what you need, I organized the plugins by categories. To make your choice easier, I also included the link to each one of them, so you can just choose and install what you need. Enjoy! 

  • Advanc iFrame Pro – you can create custom iFrames and embed them directly on your blog (Paid Plugin).  
  • Easy Google Fonts – You have access to all the Google Fonts that exist, greatly increasing the ability to personalize your texts.  
  • Enable Media Replace – you can exchange an image you have already published for a new one, without having to make changes to the post itself.  
  • Envira Gallery – is one of the best plugins for creating an image gallery on WordPress.  
  • FooGallery – allows you to create image galleries and has lots of customization options, adapting your reading to any device. 
  • NextGEN Gallery – allows you to create image galleries and has different animations and customization options.
  • Page Builderplugin for creating content organized by columns using various available widgets.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – allows you to resize image thumbnails, something that is not always easy with WordPress.  
  • Rock Convert – Facilitates the management of CTA banners, this makes it possible to create personalized CTAs for each category on your blog. 
  • SeedProd – allows you to have a huge possibility of customizing your Landing Page.  
  • Simple Author Box – Add a small photo of the author at the end of each post.  
  • Shortcodes Ultimate – Add shortcodes to WordPress so you can have more customization options.  
  • Soliloquy – creates highly customizable image slides without needing to enter a single line of code.  
  • Spectra – very similar to Elementor, it has several templates, lots of customization options and different blocks and animations. 
  • Tiny MCE Advanced – creates greater control when editing text, greater customization, and more information presentation options.  
  • WordPress Popular Posts – counts the reading of your posts and creates a menu where they are displayed in an organized way. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Advanced Custom Fields – very important as it allows you to create custom fields within blogs.  
  • CoSchedule – recommended for when a blog has several authors, among other things it allows you to create editorial calendars (Paid Plugin).  
  • Editorial Calendar – Create a calendar in your WordPress so that you can maintain regular publications.  
  • Jetpack – This extremely complete plugin allows you to configure all the functions of your blog such as security, images, and text, among others.  
  • LinkPatrol – creates a menu with all the external links you have on the blog so you can organize them (Paid Plugin).  
  • Pretty Link – you can rewrite the links on your pages to make them simpler and more appealing.  
  • Redirection – important plugin for those who have many pages redirected to each other, it allows you to organize them all.  
  • Rel Nofollow Checkbox – adds attributes to external links.  
  • Sugar Calendar – creates a calendar on your website, notifies you of upcoming events, and allows you to manage publications.  
  • TablePress – the best option for those who want to create tables in their blog posts.  
  • UpdraftPlus – creates automatic backups of your WordPress to prevent you from losing information.  
  • Uncanny Automator – creates connections between your blog and other applications, including ChatGPT and other AI resources.  
  • WordPress Importer – with this plugin you can import any element into WordPress such as a page, comments, custom layouts, and much more.  
  • WPCode – creates the possibility of adding code snippets to WordPress without running the risk of creating problems with the site’s own files.  
  • WP-PageNavi – allows you to determine how to navigate between pages and posts, something that many themes do not have.  
  • WP RSS Aggregator – the best plugin for creating automatic content, that is, it copies content and information from other blogs. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Advanced Coupons – creates the option to place discounts, promotions, and coupons associated with your products.  
  • AffiliateWP – probably the best plugin for those who do affiliate marketing as it allows you to create a specific eCommerce program linked directly to your blog.  
  • Easy Digital Downloads – essential for those who have e-commerce because it allows WordPress to make sales, all managed through the plugin.  
  • e-Commerce Product Catalog – greatly simplifies the sales process through your blog. 
  • Forminator – creates forms on your blog as well as managing your readers and payments. 
  • LearnDash – creates the possibility of teaching online courses, monitoring, and creating contact lists from these courses.  
  • PushEngage – helps increase your blog/website’s sales volume through push notifications.  
  • RafflePress – offers the possibility of creating contests on your blog.  
  • Wholesale Suite – combines three plugins that allow you to add wholesale to your WooCommerce website.  
  • WooCommerce – is the best plugin for creating e-commerce on WordPress, with lots of customization options.  
  • WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart – allows payments to be made through PayPal.  
  • WP-Insert – gives the possibility of using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes to place advertising in any area of your blog.  
  • WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe – for those who have a Stripe account, this plugin offers the possibility for your customers to pay on this platform. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Akismet – an anti-spam plugin that automatically eliminates repetitive and automated comments.  
  • Disable Comments – closes the possibility of comments on your blog so that you do not receive any spam.  
  • Disqus – is the best option for organizing comments, adding images to comments, and creating a greater connection with the public.  
  • LiveChat – as the name suggests, creates a chat to talk to your readers.  
  • MemberPress – is the best plugin for anyone who wants to create a website that requires registration to access.  
  • Restrict Content – creates pages that your readers must register to access.  
  • WP Call Button – offers the possibility of adding a button so that customers can make a phone call with you.  
  • WP Mail SMTP – helps ensure that all emails sent through WordPress reach their intended recipients. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • All in One SEO Pack – offers a wide range of settings to increase your SEO ranking.  
  • Google Analyticator – increases the amount of information you can obtain from your Google Analytics.  
  • Google Analytics for WordPress – mandatory plugin to define how Google Analytics evaluates your blog.  
  • Google XML Sitemaps – helps Google’s logarithm find your blog, improving SEO performance. 
  • MonsterInsights Lite – connects WordPress with Google Analytics to get the best optimization results. 
  • Rank Math – helps you search KewWords and shows your blog’s SEO integration.  
  • Rank Math SEO – one of the best plugins to measure your blog’s SEO ranking. 
  • Rich Snippets – Supports optimizing SERP results by showing more details of the results.  
  • Schema Markup – the function of this plugin is to help Google understand the content of your blog, causing it to increase views.  
  • Visualizer – gathers various information regarding your blog’s SEO results.  
  • WordPress SEO – great optimization setup to increase your blog’s Google SEO ranking. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Autoptimize – reduces the weight of codes used on your blog so that it is faster and has better SEO performance.  
  • BJ Lazy Load – automatically deactivates plugins that are not being used, making the blog run faster.  
  • Broken Link Checker – identifies which external links are not working.  
  • Lazy Load – loads images only when they appear on the reader’s screen, accelerating the blog’s speed.  
  • LiteSpeed Cache – pack with several tools to considerably speed up your blog’s speed. 
  • Optimole – compresses images from the moment they are uploaded to the blog, allowing you to speed up the site.  
  • Smush – increases the speed of loading images.  
  • Widget Logic – this plugin allows you to manage the remaining plugins, that is, with it you can define which plugins are active on each page.  
  • WP-Optimize – searches the server to find unnecessary information, deletes it, and increases the site’s speed.  
  • WP Super Cache – cleans old cache and allows you to increase your blog’s browsing speed.  
  • W3 Total Cache – very useful as it allows you to increase your page loading speed. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – accelerates the speed at which your page loads on mobile devices.  
  • Duplicator – for those who need to change the location of their WordPress site from one server to another, this plugin simplifies this work.  
  • Responsive Select Menu – helps you format your blog so it is easily visible on smartphones.  
  • WPTouch Mobile Plugin – automatically formats your blog to be read on your cell phone in the best possible way. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Better Click to Tweet – with this plugin, you can create content that is easily shareable on Tweet.  
  • Flare – Essential plugin for anyone who wants to share their publications on social media.  
  • Imsanity – allows you to customize the size of any image and for any device.  
  • PrintFriendly – offers the ability to print PDF documents from your blog.  
  • Simple Social Icons – as the name suggests, add social media icons to share your publications. 
  • Shared Counts – using a small code allows you to add buttons for connecting to social networks.  
  • Smash Balloon – a collection of multiple plugins related to social networks.  
  • TweetDis – mandatory for those who use Tweet as their main social network, allows readers to share their content, or part of it (Paid Plugin). 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Contact Form 7 – allows the creation of forms to capture leads.  
  • Form Craft – used to create more complex forms without needing to know programming (Paid Plugin).  
  • HubSpot – organizes your contact list by lists, categories, and tags, it also allows you to create a chat to talk to your readers.  
  • LeadPages – allows you to create a Landing Page in which a form is integrated to capture leads.  
  • Mailchimp for WordPress – creates forms to capture leads, with the advantage of having lots of customization options.  
  • OptinMonster – allows you to increase the conversion rate by allowing you to create pop-ups that can be both informative and capture leads.  
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget – allows you to force the capture of a lead, that is, even if the reader closes your form, when scrolling down the page it will appear again.  
  • Thrive Leads – in addition to allowing you to create pop-ups and forms, it allows you to create A/B Tests to evaluate the conversion rate.  
  • TrustPulse – creates notifications on your blog whenever you gain a lead or make a purchase, this way you can show social proof in real-time.  
  • WPForms Lite – creates multiple forms and pop-up windows to capture leads. 


100 Best Pluggins for WordPress in 2024!
  • Login Lockdown – is perhaps the best plugin to increase the security of your blog, website, or Landing page.  
  • Really Simple SSL – offers a free SSL certificate and even helps you migrate your website to another server.  
  • Sucuri – increases the security of your blog by providing several security strengthening options. 

PS: NEVER use the “WP Social SEO Booster” plugin, the moment it is installed it is common for it to destroy your website, this happened to me and other people I know. 


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